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I am most honored to have David Carradine, The Eye Of My Tornado inducted into the Johnny Grant Library.  Johnny was Master of Ceremonies for David’s star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame event and who also declared April 1, David Carradine Day. I recounted it all in my book and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce wanted to include my memoir in their most prestigious collection of books.   Yes, I am very honored indeed!


The following applies to no matter what version of my book is being sold - hard cover, paperback, ebook...

Originally, the main purpose for writing this book was first to help heal myself and maintain a sense of humor as I vented.  I found as I talked to people about what David and I went through, and as friends read chapters, this was helping by opening a door to dialogue, especially about "taboo" subjects.  It then became my mission to help empower others through my experiences and David's - our life together as well as apart.  Through our journey together, maybe others will see how they too can help themselves -- confront their demons, issues, seek answers, recognize patterns, listen to their instincts, get clarity, closure and healing. If people reach out and are open to change, miracles can happen. It's not to say it won't be painful, but we can transform our lives for the better.  By bringing various sensitive issues out in the open, I hope this book sheds a beacon of light on a path for others to find their way as I did.

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