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This NEW EDITION contains added information, photographs and stories.


David Carradine, The Eye Of My Tornado has been inducted into the Johnny Grant Hollywood Walk of Fame Library.


Dr. Drew Pinsky (Celebrity Rehab, Sober House, HLN Dr. Drew On Call): "I commend you for having the courage to step up and do it and do it thoroughly and do it properly. I think that's a very good thing."


Los Angeles, CA – June 3 marks the six-year anniversary since iconic actor, David Carradine died mysteriously in a hotel room in Bankok, Thailand, as an apparent victim of autoerotic asphyxiation. Amid media speculation, Marina Anderson, fourth ex-wife, actress and personal manager of Carradine, refused to let his death remain stigmatized. She not only launched her own investigation, but wrote about it in her memoir, “David Carradine, The Eye Of My Tornado.” The New Edition has just launched worldwide and contains added information from her continuing investigation into the mysterious circumstances of his passing including the use of psychics, astrologers and receiving pertinent documents to substantiate her theories. She remains resolved his death was not accidental. Having lived a real–life “50 Shades of Grey” with Carradine, her book is primarily aimed at helping others with their relationship issues via her personal experiences including a consultation (written verbatim in the book) with Dr. Drew (Celebrity Rehab) Pinsky. Anderson takes an intense look at their personal journey, revealing the truth about the couple, addresses conquering fear and overcoming obstacles including PTSD, self discovery, recovery, re-inventing and rebuilding one’s self and her survival of self in the marriage while desperately trying to save it.  Anderson is currently in talks to produce a feature film based on her life with Carradine and investigation.



“…it was one long rollercoaster thrill… Mr. Toad’s wild ride…intense passion and emotion. He was the eye of my tornado," says Anderson. ""Originally, the main purpose for writing this book was first to help heal myself and maintain a sense of humor as I vented. I found it was helping by opening a door to dialogue, with people especially about "taboo" subjects.

“I felt information was being suppressed and things like the surveillance tapes, tampered with. My gut instincts were telling me something went terribly wrong, that David was targeted and there was a cover-up. I called a few trusted psychics and astrologers and decided to do my own investigation into his death. I’m convinced there was foul play. I refused to let David’s death remain stigmatized like it was. There was little substance in the media as to why a person would partake in such an activity (sexual asphyxiation). I felt how he died had a bigger purpose. This subject matter is something that shouldn’t be shoved into the shadows in embarrassment or shame. I felt I was being handed the baton to move it out into the open, into the light, to see that the exploitation was taken out of the situation and replaced with insight and understanding of him and of us. To show common denominators other people have in their lives as well -- that they can identify with, so more people can learn from it and maybe save other lives. But that’s only part of the book.”

The reader is taken through Anderson’s life, from the emotional and sexual abuse she suffered in her early years, to beyond her six-year relationship with Carradine. As his personal manager, Anderson was responsible for Carradine’s career resurgence that lifted him from a has-been drunk to restoring his legacy as a sober “A-lister”, culminating in landing the plum role in Quentin Tarantino's film Kill Bill.

This is the first book about Carradine other than two books he wrote himself. “I started writing this before our marriage broke up. I felt a heavy responsibility to write about us in a balanced way, to look at things as objectively as possible.”

Anderson exposes it all: how she helped him overcome his alcohol issues and supported Carradine into sobriety. She details his “dark side” revealing how and why Carradine’s incest contributed to the destruction of their marriage. She recounts their most intimate moments at times with levity, and builds to an amazing conclusion at the end of the book.

David Carradine was a larger-than-life, dynamic, multi-talented world icon. He had a volatile, dark and brilliant personality. His acting career spanned four decades on stage, television and cinema. He became an international sensation as Kwai Chang Caine in the ‘70s hit television series Kung Fu. Further cementing his icon status, he starred in the classic movies Death Race 2000, Bound for Glory, The Long Riders and literally hundreds more.

Marina's writing speaks to readers universally by focusing on their personal journey, revealing the truth about the couple, addresses conquering fear and overcoming obstacles, self discovery, recovery, re-inventing and rebuilding one’s self. It’s her survival of self in the marriage while desperately trying to save it.


“If people reach out and are open to change, miracles can happen. It's not to say it won't be painful, but we can transform our lives for the better. By bringing various sensitive issues out in the open, I hope this book sheds a beacon of light on a path for others to find their way as I did. It became my mission to help empower others through our experiences and maybe others will see how they too can help themselves, confront their demons, issues, seek answers, recognize patterns, listen to their instincts, get clarity, closure and healing."

A real-life version of a "50 shades of gray," their life was replete with love, passion, erotic pleasure, bondage and sexual experimentation. The marriage was marred by a toxic secret (incest) that could not be ignored


With the help of renowned addiction medicine specialist, Dr. Drew Pinsky (Celebrity Rehab, Sober House, HLN Dr. Drew On Call), issues are addressed with the consultation written verbatim, occupying an entire chapter. Anderson was able to exorcise the demons that have haunted her for so long about their relationship and herself that almost destroyed her.


David Carradine died in a Bangkok hotel room, June 3, 2009, an apparent victim of autoerotic asphyxiation. Amid sensational media speculation, Marina refused to let David’s death remain stigmatized like it was and launched her own investigation into the death of her ex-husband. Suicide? Foul play? A sex act gone wrong? Was there a cover-up? Her conclusions are startling.


This is an equalized look at the man both critical and sympathetic. Anderson provides a mature, yet loving viewpoint, at their life together and what made them tick as individuals. There’s candor, humor, encompassing the yin-yang, humor, the delight, light and passion of their love and relationship. This personal account represents Anderson’s final therapy, her way to rid the demons that have haunted her, the struggle to regain her “self” back while trying to save her marriage. It’s her heart rendering, empowering struggle of overcoming obstacles to a healthier life and a complex story of two souls, two spirits intertwined. Two dynamic people merging into a karmic-destined, intense and turbulent love relationship. Each struggling with their own demons including sexual abuse and incest.


“Men and women will be able to identify with dedicating their life to someone they love. When clairvoyant John Edward predicted in the celebrity reading segment for his television show that I’d be rebuilding my foundation from scratch, I had no idea at the time it would not only take years to do, but my memoir would be a part of it.”


“Experiences in my life are used as examples for other people (especially women, but not limited to them) who have gone through abuse early on that carry through in life. I write about certain important issues because they were an integral part of our relationship. I felt it was imperative to be truthful and open about it all since it was part of my healing and hopeful it might possibly help others. To be able to snatch the pebble out of my master’s hand. To move forward...It was an excruciating path to that healing and writing the book was a major part of it. There’s a reason for “telling all” and that reason is to help others. The more people talk about “taboo subjects,” the more they might seek help to get healing and closure. I want people to walk away after reading the book feeling empowered and inspired. “


“I wanted to change the matrix in my being in order to stop a pattern in my life. My relationship with David was the catalyst of that happening to finally heal that core of my being. I was his. He chose the “high road” for a while, but it proved to be too much of an effort for him.” After they separated in 2001, Carradine started to personally spiral downward in spite of his career success with the film "Kill Bill." His boozing and other indulgences finally and tragically did him in.


Marina Anderson was just starting out taking acting lessons at Warner Bros., when she wandered one afternoon onto the candlelit set of a Shaolin temple and met, for the first time, the volatile, dark, and brilliant personality that was actor David Carradine, an international sensation as Kwai Chang Caine in the 1970s hit TV series "Kung Fu," cult hero in the film "Death Race 2000," portrayed Woody Guthrie in Hal Ashby’s "Bound for Glory" and Bill in Quentin Tarantino’s film "Kill Bill." Carradine received four Golden Globe nominations and was a talented songwriter and musician.


Twenty years later, Marina and David became lovers. They were married on the Warner Bros. back lot and their six-year relationship was a whirl of auditions, star-studded parties, exotic locations, red carpets and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Marina, who was already an established actress, became Carradine’s personal manager and publicist and set about rehabilitating his career and reputation of being known for his heavy drinking. She introduced him to Quentin Tarantino, who cast David in the lead role of Bill in the popular film "Kill Bill," which vaulted Carradine back onto the Hollywood A-list.


From one of the legendary blue-blood Hollywood family dynasties, Carradine was a complex and fascinating man, larger-than-life, dynamic and multi-talented, yet the undercurrent of his insecurities and fear of abandonment caused him to consistently hit the self-destruct button in his life. A musician-composer-director-producer-writer, Carradine's acting career spanned four decades onstage, television and cinema.


“This book is an avenue for his fans and the general public to know, understand and hopefully accept him as a man, not a celluloid fantasy…to be admired for his talents and the motivations behind certain issues in his life understood. It's also to reveal the very personal interior of a marriage that people can relate to. What we do for love. We are all human beings with our faults. He was afraid people wouldn’t remember him. That will never happen. The legend continues.”


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David Carradine, The Eye Of My Tornado a memoir by Marina Anderson was originally published  in 2010 and sold in stores and on-line worldwide, Canada and UK, and France, Japan, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands...Marina is about to re-launch her book with updated information about her experiences after the book was published. She investigated David’s death further with more details and theories arising as a result.  Some are shocking. 

For her initial 2010 launch, book signings included the iconic Book Soup and Barnes & Noble, at The Grove where Anderson donated percentage of her personal profits from sales from each evening to animal rescue organizations and Children of the Night founded by its President, Dr. Lois Lee. This organization rescues kids off the streets and helps get them out of prostitution and educated.



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